About us


Our Company

From little things big things do grow

Initially we started as a company specialising in general household repairs. During our successful work we expanded our list of services.

Now we are proud that we can help people with a diverse range of services encompassing residential and commercial property repairs and maintenance.

We have a decade of experience under our belt

It takes a good deal of hard work, dedication and discipline to be a part of the That Lady Tradie team.

We pride ourselves in being a values-driven company with a deep understanding that the delivery of a consistently good customer experience is crucial to our success.

While we already offer a wide range of services through our team, we are always interested in broadening our offering into related areas if that’s what our customers want.

We value your ideas and suggestions. So enough about us. Just remember, when you need something fixing in your home, simply email or call (1300 894 066) and let the team at That Lady Tradie take care of your needs.


Our People

Love what we do

Workforce diversity is really important in all facets of That Lady Tradie and the services we provide. It broadens the talent, skills and experience we offer our customers and fosters a balanced culture and working environment for our team.

At That Lady Tradie, we're committed to employing and empowering more women to work for the company and building a workforce representative of our broader society. Every member of the That Lady Tradie team is indeed good at their job and we guarantee the quality of the work they do.

Contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements today or simply request a quote online.